Battlefield 4 Free Download

Battlefield 4 Free Download

Battlefield 4 Free Download

Located on this page is a Battlefield 4 Free Download! Scroll down below for additional information to the game, minimum PC specifications, steps for installation, and a download to the game itself!

About the Game…

Battlefield 4 was developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.  Its release aired on October 2013, and was available for download and purchase on PC, as well as on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The game takes place in the year 2020, 6 years after the events in Battlefield 3 took place. Within the game, conflict arises between two major countries: The United States and Russia. Due to the ongoing conflict between the two countries, tension arises. On top of Russia and The United States, China itself is undergoing a crisis – an Admiral known as Admiral Chang has a plan to overthrow the government within china. If Chang is successful, he will then start a war with the United States, with the support of Russia accompanying him and his plan. The players job is to then take on a character known as Sergeant Daniel Recker, a commander of the United States Operations squad, and stop Chang’s plan before it proceeds further.


Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Free Download

Minimum PC Specifications

Before you proceed with your Battlefield 4 Free Download: It is best to check if your PC can run the game. The minimum PC requirements to run the game are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10.
  • CPU: Intel Core Duo @ 2.0 GHz+.
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM.
  • GPU: Video card must be directx 10.1 compatible with 512 MB of VRAM.
  • Hard Drive Space: 20 GB.

How to Download & Install Battlefield 4

Before starting your Battlefield 4 Free Download: Remember to disable any form of antivirus before download [yes, that includes window defender too]. Failure in doing so can cause issues in running the program, after download and installation. All downloads are 100% clean and do not contain any viruses!

  1. Click the download button to be redirected to Mega.
  2. Once your on Mega, click the “download through your browser link” and wait for the download to begin. If your download does not begin, click here for help.
  3. Once the download is completed, close your internet browser. Then click start and enter in your downloads folder. Locate the zip file to the game and drag it down to your desktop.
  4. Right click on the zip file, and click “extract to Battlefield 4“. To do this, you will need WinRAR. If you don’t have WinRAR, click here.
  5. Once the files are done extracting, there should be a new folder on your desktop. Open it, and double click on the first file, the “nosTEAM part 1”. Then click run.
  6. Click install, and wait for the game to finish installing.
  7. Once the games done installing, a shortcut to the game should appear on your desktop. Double click on it and Enjoy! If your having trouble opening your game, try running it as administrator.
  8. If you still run into trouble after downloading and installing the game, click here for help.








Authored by: ABrokeGamer